Report Felix

Final Report
Felix Below, June 2014-June 2015 Ghana
A year of Baobab Children Foundation, a year of Ghana.
Much has happened… around me… in myself.

First there was my work, at the Baobab House, but especially in the Youth Training Center. A school, a training centre and a home in the small village “Kissi” in the Central Region for about 70 kids from near and far. In normal schools, most of them would have had bad chances. Some suffer from physical disabilities, others are orphans or come from the streets and lack money. Many have problems with English. However, exams are written in English, which is why many have difficulties to manage.

In the afternoon the students are in the workshops or at the school’s organic farm. This was also one of my main tasks, namely the work in a bicycle workshop. From a partner organisation we received two containers full of used bicycles from Germany in November. With some of the students and staff, we reestablished them so that they were sold for the most part and could also be distributed at various events.