Organic Farm & Medicinal Garden

Organic Farm
In keeping with our mission statement of promoting healthy lifestyles and caring for the environment, we have developed both an organic fruit and vegetable farm and a medicinal farm.Using organic principles we grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms for use at the Baobab Vegetarian Moringa Restaurant and the school kitchen. They include passion fruit, pawpaw, mango, orange, lemon, pineapple, avocado and all kinds of vegetables like sweet pepper, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, sweet potatoes etc etc and our delicious oyster mushrooms which are a speciality at the restaurant. We have recently cultivated a very big organic pineapple farm in order to supply the restaurant with the ever popular organic pineapple juice. All our students learn about organic farming and work on the farm each week, preparing compost, sewing seeds, planting, weeding and harvesting. We want them to understand and appreciate the benefits of organic healthy food produced from locally grown crops. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are a growing threat in Africa as people move away from traditional diets to embrace unhealthy, aspirational fat-filled fast food. In the near future we plan to offer organic farming as one of our core vocational subjects.

Medicinal garden
Herbal medicine is still used extensively in Ghana with a wide range of plants harvested to cure sickness ranging from toothache to malaria. We grow moringa, noni, lemon grass, citronella, cinnamon, ginger as well as many other medicinal plants, drying the leaves and stems in our new solar dryer and processing the fruit. Demand for Moringa Powder is so great that we have to travel away from our farm to harvest the quantities we need. We use moringa extensively at the restaurant in juices and a lot of our meals.

As part of our new catering kitchen, we have included a purpose-built room to process the herbal products in a clean hygienic manner. We encourage the students to use the plants and herbs for non-serious complaints rather than turning to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

organic pineapple
banana bunches


Farm day each Friday
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Solar tunnel dryer
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