At the Baobab School we teach creativity and bring out skills that the children normally would not have discovered. In the last week of every month we have workshop week, which means that all students are in the workshops. This week some masters come for one week to teach the students. Adjei Godwin Sowah has been an art teacher at Baobab for 12 years. He is a reknowned visual artist from Accra and has been travelling to Germany twice for exhibitions of his and his student’s paintings.
Four of our graduates paint regularly and exhibit and sell their paintings. Our students create colourful paintings depicting Ghanaian life using acrylics or watercolour on canvas or on paper. Already their works have been bought by customers from Africa, Europe and America.
In 2017 we had an exhibition at the Accra City Hotel where we exhibited 70 paintings by our students. Also in Germany we organized several exhibitions with paintings by  Adjei Sowah and his students.

Works can be sent directly from Ghana to you unframed. Please enquire for cost of postage and packing.

Alison Ely
WhatsApp +233-547–944–475

On our Facebook page arts4charity you can see the paintings that are actually in Germany and can be bought there. Please click on the link and then go to photos.

Please contact Monika Lockemann if you are interested in a painting