We work as a team with 54 people, of which 16 are former students. Apart from Edith de Vos and Alison Ely the whole staff are Ghanaians.

Edith de Vos (German), Alison Ely (British) and Delali Awuku (Ghanaian) are forming the board.
The management meets once a week to discuss all problems and take decisions. Once a month all masters are meeting and also once a month the whole staff.
We organise workshops about inclusive education, teaching methods and teamwork together with our mentor Mr Tay, a special educator.

Board of Directors E. de Vos, D. Awuku, A. Ely
Managing Director and General Manager
Academic section
Workshop masters
Culture teachers
kitchen ladies
Teaching assistants und producers
Baobab House staff
Volunteers 2017-2018