Voluntary Work

A lot of young people, but also older ones, want to experience life under totally different conditions, like in Ghana. They want to sacrifice themselves but they also want to learn from Ghanaians as well. We are supporting this wish, because it enriches both sides and is an important contribution to international understanding.

The contact person is Edith de Vos, ghana@baobab-children.de. The minimum amount of time to do voluntary work is six months and for young people who have just completed their school education, nine to twelve months. For experts, like carpenters, designers, organic farmers, physiotherapists, special education teachers etc  we make exceptions. Ghanaian volunteers are most welcome.

Our volunteers live at the Baobab Youth Training Center in our guesthouse. Those who have just completed school come over with a programme called “Weltwärts” from the German Government. They stay for one year.

Volunteers from abroad pay 100,- € for food and accommodation per month. After arriving each volunteer gets orientation for one week, but afterwards there are always people at the site to whom they can turn with questions and problems.

If you are interested to come and help us, you send an informal application to Edith de Vos, ghana@baobab-children.de and you will hear from her if there is any chance for you to come. We need people with special qualifications depending on who else is already coming, so please don’t be disappointed if we can’t give you a positive answer. Many people want to come to our project as they like the concept, but we only can take a few at a time, as we want you to experience Africa and we want the Ghanaians to do the work. Through our project we are providing working places in a very poor area without jobs – volunteers should not take jobs from Ghanaians.

Volunteers should be in a stable condition healthwise, as the tropical climate asks for a strong immune system. Volunteers‘ friends and visitors can only be received in agreement with the managing staff.  Leisure time and holidays have to be agreed on. Requirements are: the willingness to work in a foreign culture, to open up to unknown practices, to live without any luxury, to withstand difficult situations, to use your initiative and to be ready for new experiences.

Volunteers should bring their own skills, experience and knowledge and be prepared to learn from the people of Ghana. Under these conditions their stay can be fruitful for both sides.

Experts are needed in
organic farming, sustainable energy and water supply, biogas, compost toilets, carpentry, bicycle repairing and the construction of ????bicycles, fashion design, textile design, special education, psychology/trauma therapy, counselling, physiotherapy, marketing and business, film making,  medical care

We would like more Ghanaians to volunteer at our project site.
If you are interested and you have something to give to the children, don’t hesitate and apply for voluntary work, an attachment or National Service.
It can help you in your future.