Health Center

Baobab works with children from poor families and young people with disabilities. The medical care for them is very difficult and expensive. Most of the students cannot afford health insurance and as this is essential in order to get cheaper treatment, Baobab takes on the responsibility to buy and renew health insurance each year. This is very costly. We have to take all this into consideration if we send them to the clinic when they are sick. The clinic in Kissi is alright for emergencies but they give minimal care. In Ghana , one can wait around for hours to be seen by a doctor or sometimes all day.

Dr. Daniel examining little Edith
the physiotherapist Steffi is teaching a volunteer






The idea for a Health Centre at Baobab isn’t new but until now we were unable to afford it. We always talked about getting a nurse to come and give regular check-ups to the students and also about having a room with equipment where a physiotherapist could come once a week to work with physically disabled students. A few years ago Daniel, a doctor, and his wife Steffi, a physiotherapist, came to Kissi and Steffi began to give therapeutic physiotherapy to some of our young students who have a handicap. During those three months we saw how important and useful such a place would be. There would be no long journey to the hospital in Cape Coast, no long wait to see a doctor or a physiotherapist and it would cost us a lot less.

In the meantime, Steffi and Daniel have set up the share1love NGO in order to raise the 10.000,- Euros needed to begin the building of the Health Centre. So far 5.500,- Euros have been raised by them and 4.500,- Euros by us. We realized that 10.000,- Euros would be too small to build the whole Health Center. We are now trying to get another 10.000,- Euro to start the building.

Thanks to all the donors who have given so generously to this project.