How do we finance our work?

Baobab is still dependent on donations and help from private people, enterprises and sponsorship. We are trying to sell products from the school in Ghana as well as in Germany, but it does not yet reach to cover the cost for all the work we are doing. Our school is a boarding school, but the children can’t pay anything or only a very small fee. 2019 we tried a cost sharing system with parents, but it did not work, as they just can’t pay. The students learn more than one skill and the various workshops are very costly to run and maintain them. Houses have to be renovated, cars repaired and maintained etc. Each student has to do a service of 6 months to Baobab at one side to polish their skills but also to give something back to Baobab for all what they got.

2020 we spent 132.200,- € .  

This is cost for food, material for teaching in workshops and the class room, dresses, medicinal care, teacher- and staff payment, schoolbus, building of teaching kitchen,maintanance of existing buildings, farm expenses, Culture Troupe, Special Needs Unit etc.

How was the money generated:

  • 119.000,- € various donations from individuals and organisations and sponsorship (monthly or yearly for either individual students or the school).
  • 1.500,- € net income of Baobab House
  • 4.000,- € sales of bicycles
  • 2.000,- € sales of school products in Ghana, income from Culture Troupe etc
  • 1.000,- € contribution from parents cost sharing programm
  • 4.700,- € donation from Germany Embassy to fund Covid 19 project (supply of hand washing facilities to local communities.